Waterfowl Hunting

The area around Waubay provides some of the best waterfowl hunting anywhere. There are lots of sloughs and lakes that attract ducks and geese. Day county and surrounding counties have an abundance of public land, state game production areas, federal waterfowl production areas, and thousands of acres of private "walk in" areas. This part of South Dakota provides prime nesting cover and we raise a lot of local ducks and Canadian geese.

The lakes and sloughs attract many migrating waterfowl. Bitter Lake, just south of Waubay is a major stopping point for diver ducks. Thousands of bluebills and good populations of other divers such as redheads, canvasbacks, buffleheads, and Rudy ducks arrive beginning the middle of October. Golden Eye will join them a little later.

Large numbers of mallards begin showing up during the last part of October and are usually around for the rest of the season.

The larger lakes, Waubay and Bitter do not freeze until late November or early December. This provides some good big water and field hunting opportunities.

There is a large resident population of Canadian geese which provides some great early season hunting for those who like to hunt geese.

Snow geese in very large numbers stop in the area on their way back to the nesting grounds. This provides a spring hunting opportunity for those who want to get out after a long winter.

Non-residents can apply for two different waterfowl licenses. There is a ten day license good state-wide. The cost is $110.00 and there are 3725 available. There is also a 3 day license good in Day county and 14 surrounding counties. The cost is $75.00. Five hundred are available. Both license types are available through application and a drawing. Deadline for application is July 8, 2011 by mail or online gfp.sd.gove by 8:00 am CDT July 12, 2011

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